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Webinars - Realtime Online Seminars

Usually our webinars are in german language. We are well experienced to conduct also transnational webinars in english language.
We offer webinars in english language (on demand):
Special topics in photography: e.g. HDR-photography (High dynamic range imaging photography)
Train the trainer: Training to become an online-trainer
Image processing: especially with the programmes Photoshop, Lightroom, Affinity, Gimp

To learn more about realtime online trainings we would like to recommed our essay about the pedagogy
of online trainings. Published in the peer-reviewed journal:


The study aimed at the development of a pedagogical approach for multinational online-seminars, embedded in a Blended Learning scenario. To obtain a sound databases for the approach, the teams from six different countries conducted a sequence of transnational realtime online seminars during one year. All sessions were evaluated from the participants and from the trainers. Based on this empirical database they worked out a educational approach for the conduction of webinars. As Zoumenou (Zoumenou et al., 2015, 67) already stated, articles and academic studies about interactive webinars are quite rare in peer-reviewed journals. Included in an international Blended Learning scenario the webinars turned out to be a highly efficient tool for the transnational cooperative learning and institutional cooperation. Nevertheless, a webinar takes careful planning and content creation to make it an attractive event for the learners and to increase the participant satisfaction.  

Keywords:Web Based  Instruction, Electronic Learning, Blended Learning, Teaching Methods, Participant Satisfaction, Educational Technology, Computer uses in education, Cooperative Learning.

Hungarian Educational Research Journal /
HERJ Hungarian Educational Research Journal, Vol 6 (2016), No 3