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Training for Online Trainers

Online Trainings become more and more common in education. But there is still a high demand for trainers who are able to conduct webinars.
From methodical point of view the combination of presence meetings and E-learning, especially with webinars, is the most efficient way of learning.
We are working with the Virtual Classroom from Adobe Connect, which is one of the best software tools currently available.
For education providers there exist meanwhile a lot of different softwares for Virtual Classrooms. Usually Learning Management
Systems like ILIAS provide interfaces for different software for Virtual Classrooms.

If you are interested to watch a webinar, please join one of our free trial courses. Please find the next dates HERE

Usually our Training for Online Trainers is a compact online course with 3 sessions in german language.
If you are interested in such a training in english language, please contact us directly.