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Quality Management

The quality management of the European Photoacademy includes
- The conduction of seminars according the most modern methodes,
- learning within projects
- self-regulated learning
- Up-to-date contents and focus on practical relevance
- competent staff
- Online-trainings with excellent software
- comfortable seminar rooms

- modularisation of part-time studies, Orientation according european criteria,
- continuous exchange and cooperation with education providers on national and international level,

- Generally you can get a confirmation of participation for all our seminars
- Part time studies are finished with a certificate from the EuFoA and project works

 - the offer and service of the EuFoA is transparent, our homepage is continuously updated with
detailed informations about our activities and service.


 - You can get competent consultance by email, telephone or in a personal meeting.

Our office is open from Monday till Friday, 9.00 a.m. - 12.00 a.m.

Since 2011 the academy is member of the "Netzwerk für berufliche Fortbildung" (Network for further education). The members
commit theirself to certain quality criteria of education providers. In Baden-Württemberg there are 32 such networks with more
then 1300 education providers. They are supported by the ministry of finance and economy in Baden-Württemberg.

The criteria of the education providers are e.g.:

High qualitfication of the staff
High quality of seminars and pedagogical methods
High quality of equipment
High quality of service